About Us

A lot of Scripts and Landing Pages for CPA Marketing.

I want to introduce you to my new site where I worked very long and planned for it. As well as many of you know from this forum as a landing page creator. I have many threads on this forum that are very popular, and of course very satisfied friends and customers. And that gave me the idea to help all the new CPA users.

Why am I talking about helping them?
On my site you can find free and paid templates and scripts. All of my templates are very good quality, and every template has been invested heavily in time, effort and work.

That is why I want to try to make a partnership with several CPA networks. Already a few of them agreed.
I want all my network partners to use my templates, scripts. Free!
That is why I invite all networks to contact me and create a big community where all users will find something for themselves!

Soon registration will be accept on CPACodex Website.

What I used in creating CPACodex CMS?
  1. Bootstrap v4
  2. PDO PHP
  3. JavaScript
  4. Pretty URLs

PARTNERS: MGCASH, ADSARMY ...(looking for more)
Skype Contact: borislav.zovko